CPTT Message Log example files


A CPTT Message Log file (abbrev.: MLG file) contains the Frames transmitted between two communication partners, typically a Master and a Slave. CPTT stores the raw Frames and additionally the time tag and the communication direction. The Frames are not preprocessed, by this for viewing the file the presentation can be changed individually.


  • Download the latest CPTT release, WibuKey Runtime and Java SE Runtime Environment. You can find the links here: Products | CPTT | Downloads
  • Install the three software components.
  • Download the MLG example file(s) (e.g. from the list below).
  • Start CPTT by clicking on the icon on the Windows Desktop. Default is that up to 300,000 Frames may be stored in CPTT. You need to increase this value: Edit, General Preferences, section "Message Storage", line "Max. Message Storage items". Set this value to 2000000, then click Ok.
  • Thereafter open the MLG file with File, Open ... After a few seconds the MLG file is read.
  • Now you can individually navigate through the protocol traffic. Via View, Formatting Options the level of detail for the presented information can be changed, via View, Find ... the protocol traffic can be searched for any text. View, Messgae filter gives the ability to filter the shown protocol traffic.

MLG example files