COMPROTware:Testtool 2.19

Release T.2.19.6 — Builddate 2019-12-06 — Tested Release


Download the CPTT 2.19 installation file from cptt_2.19.msi (approx. 2290K). For installation, double click the MSI file and follow the installation instructions.

What is new?

  • General:
    • (2.19.2) TLS-secured TCP/IP connections : Performance improvements.
    • (2.19.3) Some improvements around Remote I/O implementation (RIO), several issues still under revision. A new version of the RIO Server for MS Windows is available: CPRIOServer_iX86_WIN32.exe
    • (RIO-Server Release 3.19.2 dated 2019-09-10) New RIO-Server release with miscellaneous issues fixed: CPRIOServer_iX86_WIN32.exe
      • Serial port: 7 data bits and 2 stop bits are now supported, e.g. you can specify "7n2" in the CPRIOServer configuration string.
      • Serial port: On MS Windows COM10 and higher are now supported.
    • (2.19.4) More improvements and fixes around Remote I/O implementation (RIO):
      • Separate Frame Scanner for each communication direction/interface.
      • Significant improvements regarding the integration with ABB RTU500 series: Frame Scanning now performed in CPTT , some more fixes.
      • Data flow for received Ethernet frames/IP datagrams optimized resulting in less frame losses.
    • (2.19.4) UEC (User Engine Class) V1 and V2 removed.
      • Extra, User Engine Class ... does not accept UECV1- or UECV2-based User Engine Class plug-ins anymore.
      • All UECV1 and UECV2 examples removed.
      • Classes associated with UECV1 or UECV2 removed.
      • Some name changes in existing UECV3 classes.
    • (2.19.5) On MS Windows: Error opening a serial port circumvented.
    • (2.19.5) Reproducible and reasonable monitoring results through synchronization of Frame Scanners.
    • (2.19.5) After finish of a simulation, now some statistics are shown.
    • (2.19.5) Further improvements and fixes around Remote I/O implementation (RIO), in particular with the integration of ABB RTU500 series: Among others, monitored ABB SPA-Bus communication is now correctly displayed.
    • (2.19.5) Files in ABB MicroSCADA/COM600 logging file format can now be imported: Textfiles containing protocol logging, created with the communication monitoring/debugging interface of ABB MicroSCADA/COM600, can now be imported into CPTT. All protocols implementd in CPTT are supported.
    • (2.19.6) Adapted to MS Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update).
    • Many minor improvements ...

  • GUI:
    • (2.19.1) To make usage easier, to lower the entry threshold: The menu items of the Message View-background menu are now additionally available in the Action and the new View menu.
    • (2.19.2) MLG file format extended:
      • The file content is now zlib-compress. The files are much smaller, the loading time is noticeably shorter.
      • Frame and packet length up to 268,435,455 bytes (before 65,535 bytes) are now supported. By this  Ethernet Jumbo frames ] (nowadays seen more and more) can now be stored in MLG files.
      • The new file format is supported starting with CPTT 1.49.31 (published 2016-04-26).
    • (2.19.2) Statistics: Implementation reworked and issues fixed.
    • Many minor improvements ...

  • Transmission Protocols:
    • (2.19.1) All remaining protocols moved to CPLB Design pattern "Frame Scanner NGT 2018": IEC 60870-5-101, -102, -103, MODBUS serial and TCP/IP, ABB RP57x, ABB SPA-Bus and Landis&Gyr TG809.
      • The new Frame Scanners are much more robust and problem-tolerant of bad characters on a serial line.
      • The new Frame Scanners are more resource-efficient and thus ensure an increased user experience.
      • The same Frame Scanner is used in both CPTT and in CPLB. The individual Frame Scanner are thereby used much more often and in clearly different scenarios. This increases the software quality and brings greater reliability.
    • (2.19.5) IEC 60870-5-101, -102, -103 and -104: Fixed: VSQ no. of Inform.Obj. not tested against no. of Inform.Obj. found in Message.
    • (2.19.1) IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3 over LAN/WAN: Experimental: New demo certificate RealThoughts-Demo-localhost-cert.pem with RealThoughts-Demo-localhost-key.pem and RealThoughts-Demo-ca-cert.pem.
    • (2.19.2) DNP3 serial and DNP3 over LAN/WAN: Object groups g11v0 ... g11v2 (Binary Output Event) and g13v0 ... g13v2 (Binary Output Command Event) are now are parsed and dissected.
    • (2.19.1) MODBUS TCP/IP: Experimental: TLS-secured TCP/IP connections for client and server simulation implemented, demo certificate RealThoughts-Demo-localhost-cert.pem with RealThoughts-Demo-localhost-key.pem and RealThoughts-Demo-ca-cert.pem is part of installation.
    • (2.19.5) MODBUS serial and MODBUS TCP/IP: Message View Filtering for FC 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24.
    • (2.19.5) ABB SPA-Bus: Severe issue in Frame Scanner fixed.
    • Many minor improvements ...