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COMPROTware:Library is a library (protocol stack) of components which implements different transmission protocols, as well as modules for safe event handling, for message queues, circular buffer etc.

COMPROTware:Library is aimed at system integrators, who by using the library reduce the development time of a protocol implementation and wish to dramatically shorten the integration and verification phase. This is possible because the central components (link layer for safe transmission, event handling, ...) already operate reliably.

The advantage of the application of our library is that the protocol implementations have already demonstrated that they work tough in field. The integration in various devices and its associated verification have made sure that the library reached a very high level, in terms of standard comformance and quality.

The system integrator shortens his time to market, and expands his ability to insert his own core competence in his device, through the use of COMPROTware:Library

In addition to the library we offer our support in the integration of COMPROTware:Library into your device, of course.
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Additional Information ...

  • Component library of transmission protocols to integrate into a data concentrator/front-end, in an IED (Intelligent End Device) or an RTU (Remote Terminal Unit).
  • The library is implemented independently from a device or operating system. The resulting object codeĀ“s fingerprint fits the requirements for an embedded application.
  • Implemented are the following transmission protocols:
    • Master (Controlling Station)
      • IEC 60870-5-101 Ed.2.1 (2015) Master (option Partyline sold separately)
      • IEC 60870-5-103 Master (option Partyline sold separately)
      • IEC 60870-5-104 Ed.2.1 (2016) Master
      • DNP3/IEEE 1815 serial Master
      • DNP3/IEEE 1815 over LAN/WAN Master
      • MODBUS serial Master
      • MODBUS TCP/IP Master
    • Slave (Controlled Station)
      • IEC 60870-5-101 Ed.2.1 (2015) Slave (option File transfer sold separately)
      • IEC 60870-5-103 Slave
      • IEC 60870-5-104 Ed.2.1 (2016) Slave (options File transfer and Redundancy Groups sold separately)
      • IEC 61400-25 mapping to IEC 60870-5-104 Slave
      • DNP3/IEEE 1815 serial Slave
      • DNP3/IEEE 1815 over LAN/WAN Slave
      • MODBUS serial Slave
      • MODBUS TCP/IP Slave
    • Additional protocols are being processed. We implement customer specific protocols upon request.
  • The source code is complaint with ISO C99 standard and prepared for C++ projects. The source code is commented. Comprehensible variables and function names are used.
  • Network-based protocols may use TCP/IP and/or UDP/IP via IPv4 and/or IPv6 for receiving and transmitting information.
  • All Master and Slave implementations of our TCP/IP-based protocol stacks support TLS-secured connections according to IEC 62351-3.
  • The library is built in modular form. The design follows the principles of modern object oriented programming transferred to the functional programming language ISO C99.
  • The library itself is closed and complete. An example application of a simple target device under MS Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and PC Linux 2.6, 3, 4 is included in the delivery. Additionally the source code is prepared for use under Solaris and VxWorks.
  • For some protocols an API for .NET with function bindings for Microsoft .NET and/or an API for Java with function bindings for Java is implemented.
  • The library is available in ISO C99 source code or in the lower price alternatives as MS Win32-Dll or PC Linux-Shared Library (Shlib). Each protocol is separately licensed. The package includes the Dll/Shlib or the ISO C99 source code for the licensed protocol, for the Dll/Shlib a dongle with the license code, the example application and the documentation on an installation media.
  • Telephone support (during normal company opening hours) for the library (not for its integration) is included for the first year.

System Requirements

  • The MS Win32-Dll is available for the Microsoft operating systems MS Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Depending on the operating system, a standard PC with 1GHz processor or faster and 1GB RAM or more is needed.
  • The PC Linux-Shared Library (Shlib) is available for different PC Linux distributions (SuSE, Debian, ...). Depending on the operating system, a standard PC with Pentium 200MHz or faster and 64MB or more is needed.
  • The ISO C99 source code is prepared for porting to real-time platforms.
    (The library source code is only delivered to countries in the European Union and Switzerland.)

Detailed Information

Datasheet COMPROTware:Library :
Datasheet as PDF (approx. 280K)

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