Download COMPROTware:Testtool

Latest Versions ...

The latest version of COMPROTware:Testtool (or short CPTT ) is available from 2.23 .

An now obsolete version, which still runs on older MS Windows-versions, can be downloaded from 1.50 .


The installation of CPTT is described in the installation manual. See section Download documentation to download the manual.

The download of CPTT consists of a Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) file. The MSI file contains a description of the installation procedure and all installation files. Your computer must be able to handle MSI files in order to install CPTT (The CPTT installation CD-ROM includes a Microsoft Windows Installer installation).

The MSI file for CPTT only contains the product itself, neither a Java SE Runtime Environment nor a WibuKey Runtime. But both are necessary to run CPTT. To download a Java SE Runtime Environment and a WibuKey Runtime see section Download additional components .

Additionally you need a WibuBox (a dongle) containing the license for simulation of master/slave station and for Line Monitoring. With the MSI file, the JRE and the WibuKey Runtime but without WibuBox it is possible to view captured files but it is not possible to simulate master/slave or to monitor protocol communication.
For evaluation we can offer a time limited license for CPTT. Please contact us for more info.

For a first impression of the protocol communication presentation and the look&feel of CPTT we put some examples on in section Download examples which you can use without having a license.

Any problem installing CPTT do not hesitate to contact us: e-mail cptt@realthoughts.de

Download additional components

Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)

IMPORTANT: CPTT is a 32 bit-application. This is why, even if you use a 64 bit-Windows, you have to download and install Java SE Runtime Environment for Windows x86 (32 bit). There is no problem to run a 32 bit-application on a 64 bit-Windows. Many application on a 64 bit-Windows are 32 bit.

Starting with CPTT 2.20.4:

Starting with CPTT 2.20.4 you can choose between three Java Runtime Environments, alternatively:

Download Eclipse Temurin 8 JRE for Windows x86 (32 Bit) from [ Eclipse Temurin 8, 32 bit ] (alternatively: [ Eclipse Temurin, Latest release, all releases ] ).

Before CPTT 2.20.1 / Oracle Java 8:

Download Oracle Java 8 Runtime Environment for Windows x86 (32 bit) from [ Java Download ] (alternatively: [ Java Downloads for all Operating Systems ] ).

WibuKey Runtime

Download the latest WibuKey Runtime for Windows (Windows 32/64 bit, multilanguage) from [ WibuKey Runtime ] (alternatively: [ WIBU-User Software ] ) and install it.

Download documentation

CPTT Installation Manual (multilingual)

CPTT Introduction & Training

Download examples

CPTT Message Log Files (containing protocol communication)

For a description for how to view MLG file see here.