What are Graphical User Interfaces?

Graphical User Interfaces are systems that enable a user friendly, ergonomical, and efficient visualization of information, and its input and processing. The large amounts of information collected by Real-Time Applications must be appealingly and comprehensibly displayed for the user.

To configure, control and supervise real-time systems,

Graphical User Interfaces are currently indispensable. Technicians and engineers working with vehicle prototypes, in control stations for electricity, gas, water and community heating, and doing research with large telescopes, would be completely overwhelmed by the information without the implementation of modern Graphical User Interfaces.

Graphical User Interfaces enable the visualization and control of real-time applications in our field.

Graphical User Interfaces and Real Thoughts

Our customer determines the visualization platform: MS Windows with Microsoft .NET or Linux with Java. Whatever the case, we manage and visualize real-time.

We have demonstrated our competence in design and in implementation of Graphical User Interfaces impressively with our product COMPROTware:Testtool .
Our customers are again and again impressed by the user friendliness and efficiency of our integrated test and analysis tools.